Pustular Psoriasis

  • Sebastian Bernardo
  • Mark LebwohlEmail author


Psoriasis is a polygenic, chronic inflammatory skin disease linked to dysregulation of the immune system that classically presents as sharply demarcated erythematous plaques with silvery scale [1, 2]. In some patients, the condition can manifest as a generalized pustular variant that can follow a severe, potentially life-threatening course that demands urgent dermatological evaluation and treatment [1]. While pustules may be a part of the clinical picture in both pustular psoriasis and acne vulgaris, comedones are classically absent in the former. Further, pustular psoriasis commonly spares the face, even in its generalized form. Unlike severe acne, patients presenting with pustular psoriasis may be toxic appearing on physical exam and be found to have hematological abnormalities and electrolyte imbalances that represent a true dermatologic emergency.


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