Incorporating Insurance Education into the Fertility Preservation Process



Over the last several decades, cancer survival rates have tremendously increased, largely due to enhanced early detection and improved therapeutics. What was once considered a “death sentence,” now allows survivors to imagine a life after cancer with expectations beyond survival [1]. These medical achievements should be tempered by the resultant gonadotoxic effects. As such, survivorship issues are of increasing importance. Fertility loss is of particular concern for the approximately 135,000 pediatric, adolescent, and young adults (AYA) diagnosed each year [2]. Infertility caused by cancer treatment is iatrogenic, meaning any adverse condition induced by medical interventions including reactions from prescribed drugs or from medical and surgical procedures. Iatrogenic infertility is typically caused by cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, or surgical removal of reproductive organs. While the focus of this chapter will be specific to cancer patients, fertility may be compromised by treatments for other conditions such as autoimmune disorders.


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This work was supported by the Oncofertility Consortium NIH 5UL1DE019587 and NIH K12-HD001271-13 (LAK).


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