TSAS: Third-Party Storage Auditing Service

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  • Xiaohua Jia
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In cloud storage systems, data owners host their data on cloud servers and users (data consumers) can access the data from cloud servers. Due to the data outsourcing, however, this new paradigm of data hosting service also introduces new security challenges, which requires an independent auditing service to check the data integrity in the cloud. In large-scale cloud storage systems, the data may be updated dynamically, so existing remote integrity checking methods served for static archive data are no longer applicable to check the data integrity. Thus, an efficient and secure dynamic auditing protocol is desired to convince data owners that the data is correctly stored in the cloud. In this chapter, we first introduce an auditing framework for cloud storage systems. Then, we describe Third-party Storage Auditing Scheme (TSAS), an efficient and privacy-preserving auditing protocol for cloud storage, which can also support data dynamic operations and batch auditing for both multiple owners and multiple clouds.


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