Application Analysis

  • Somnath Paul
  • Swarup Bhunia


This chapter describes the frontend of the application mapping flow for the MBC framework. The frontend of the flow accepts an application description in the format of a CDFG. The key step involved in the frontend is partitioning of input application into subtasks (decomposition) to facilitate mapping into the MLB functional units. The other important task is to cluster multiple small tasks into large macro functions which can be suitably mapped to a single functional unit (fusion). While decomposition ensures all input applications can be mapped to the MBC framework, the later step improves performance and energy-efficiency of the framework. Each of these steps involve one or more heuristics which are described in this chapter along with illustrations. The output from the frontend of the tool is a transformed CDFG description of the input application which is then picked up the backend of the software flow for scheduling and resource allocation.


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