Arthroscopic Bankart Repair

  • Brian R. Wolf


The patient was identified as the correct person in the preoperative holding area, the operative extremity was marked, and the patient was brought into the operative suite and placed supine on the operating table. He was induced into general endotracheal anesthesia without difficulty and the patient was then repositioned for his surgical procedure. The patient was placed up in the beach-chair position with all bony prominences well-padded distally. The head was secured in the headrest as well. The patient was given IV antibiotics prior to the beginning of the procedure. Exam under anesthesia demonstrated grade 2 anterior instability, grade 1 sulcus, grade 0 posterior translation, and full range of motion. The patient’s left arm was then prepped and draped in a normal sterile fashion. A time out was performed with the entire surgical team.


Suture Anchor Shoulder Arthroscopy General Endotracheal Anesthesia Anterior Glenoid Articular Cartilage Injury 
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