Hallux Valgus–Proximal Ludloff Osteotomy

  • Said Saghieh


The patient was identified and the site of the surgery was marked in the holding area. He/she was brought to the operating room and placed supine on the operating table. Regional anesthesia was induced and 1 g of Ancef was administered intravenously. A thigh tourniquet was applied and inflated to 250 mmHg after the foot was prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion.

A longitudinal 2 cm incision was performed in the first web space. The adductor tendon was identified and released from its insertion on the lateral aspect of the proximal phalanx. Next, the metatarsal–sesamoid and intermetatarsal ligaments were released and the lateral capsule fenestrated at the joint line with a varus force applied to the hallux.


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