Laminotomy and Partial Discectomy for Lumbar Disc Herniation

  • Anthony V. Mollano


General anesthesia was administered with the patient supine, with endotracheal intubation without difficulty. The patient was gently log-rolled to and positioned prone on the Wilson frame. Care was taken to protect and pad all pressure points. The back was sterilely prepped and draped. A midline longitudinal incision was made over the lumbosacral junction. Sharp dissection was carried through subcutaneous tissue with hemostasis controlled with electrocoagulation. Supraspinous ligament and thoracodorsal fascia were identified and incised in the midline. Paraspinal muscles were subperiosteally elevated from the (affected) lateral side of the spinous processes at that level.


Nerve Root Disc Herniation Spinous Process Lumbar Disc Herniation Epidural Hematoma 
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