Role of the Project Engineer in the Construction Stage

  • G. M. Kirt


The first challenge faced by the project engineer in the construction phase is to make sure that the project scope is well understood by all parties involved. In particular, it should be reflected in the cost schedules, with due allowances made for unforeseen aspects. A Quality Plan, which will set out the agreed format for communications, requirements for quality checks, certification of work completed, and authority levels, etc. must also be developed. The possible forms of construction contract (e.g., traditional and turnkey) are then discussed. The following three sections address project planning, construction approvals and permits, and site issues. The author also stresses the need to ensure the timely execution of ancillary activities such as equipment commissioning, obtaining raw materials for trials, recruitment and training, etc., if delays and overruns are to be avoided (a checklist is provided). The chapter concludes with advice on completion and hand-over.


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