Political and Legal Issues in Vaccination



This chapter begins with a brief introduction from the literature on the main issues and players involved in political controversy over vaccine use. One major federal level political challenge regarding vaccine safety is discussed involving US Congressman Dan Burton. Recent state level legislation has centered on passage of laws addressing parental rights regarding vaccination decisions, based on various safety concerns, while generally seeking to continue a primary focus on protection of society from communicable diseases. Controversial state and institutional policies are discussed that include daycare, school, and health care personnel (HCP) immunization mandates intended to optimize immunization rates. Exemption legislation that has focused on eliminating or limiting the power of mandates has generated much debate as well. Parental rights and “values” controversies are discussed relative to concerns raised by social conservatives that the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine promotes immoral behavior among youth. In conclusion, one new political and legal controversy is discussed that bodes to significantly impact public health in general, as well as access to immunizations, namely, the 2010 health care reform legislation provisions addressing public access to vaccines and insurance coverage of immunization services across the lifespan.


Hepatitis Mercury Insurance Coverage Influenza Income 


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