Voices of the Parents: Life After the Mindful Parenting Course

  • Susan Bögels
  • Kathleen Restifo
Part of the Mindfulness in Behavioral Health book series (MIBH)


We often wonder how participants that once took a Mindful Parenting course are doing. Do they still meditate, formally or informally, with or without the support of a meditation community or yoga course? Do they remember from time to time things they have learned during the course, such as how to take care of themselves and how to be less reactive in their parenting? And how do they cope with new transitions and challenges in their family life, such as restarting a job, children going to high school, children becoming adolescents fighting authority, their parent dying, a divorce, a new love relationship that the children are ambivalent about? Have they sought further treatment for themselves or their child or not? Some of the parents we see again on one of our mindfulness days that our treatment center UvA minds organizes several times a year and for which all parents that once took a Mindful Parenting course at our treatment center are invited – if they have indicated to want to remain on the invitation list. But as these days are in silence, we don’t talk with them and don’t get verbal feedback. Some of the parents we still see because their children follow a therapy in our treatment center or they themselves receive further parent training or support. And on rare occasion, we bump into a parent on an unexpected moment in a completely different context and may have a chat if they initiate it. However, most of the participants of our courses we never see again after the 8-week follow-up.


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