3D Palmprint Capturing System



Palmprints have been widely studied for personal authentication because they are highly accurate and incur low costs. Most of the previous work has focused on two-dimensional palmprint identification. However, the inner surfaces of palms not contain only texture information, but also shape information. Unfortunately, two-dimensional palmprint systems lose the shape information when capturing palmprint images. Hence, three-dimensional information is important for palmprint systems. In this chapter, we have designed and developed a novel three-dimensional palmprint acquisition system based on structured-light imaging technology. The acquisition system can obtain palmprint three-dimensional information and at the same time, the corresponding two-dimensional texture, which are used for personal authentication. A three-dimensional palmprint database has been established by using the developed acquisition system, and the testing results illustrate the effectiveness of our system.


3D palmprint measurement Biometrics Structured-light imaging Palmprint depth 


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  2. 2.Shenzhen Graduate SchoolHarbin Institute of TechnologyShenzhenPeople’s Republic of China

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