Superficial Femoral Artery Endovascular Therapy with Atherectomy

  • J. A. Mustapha
  • Tony Das
  • Fadi A. Saab


Peripheral vascular disease is better recognized as an epidemic that’s impacting millions of patients and their families. Health-care providers currently consider PVD as a significant comorbidity and have been actively screening, treating, and spreading public awareness. In addition to medical therapy, surgery has been considered the mainstay of therapy for years. The recent advancement in endovascular technology and the increasing level of expertise by endovascular specialist allow revascularization in patients deemed inoperable in the past. This chapter highlights through our case presentation the current evidence behind endovascular therapy in patients with superficial femoral artery disease. We also discuss some of the current devices available and used by endovascular operators.


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  • Tony Das
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  • Fadi A. Saab
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  2. 2.Texas Health Presbyterian HospitalDallasUSA

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