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Distance from the Sun: 815,700,000 km (max), 740,900,000 km (min)

Diameter: 142,884 km

Sidereal Period: 11.86 years

Synodic Period: 398.88 days

Rotational Period: System I (Equator): 9 h 50 min 30.003 s

System II (Everywhere Else): 9 h 55 min 40.623 s

System III (Magnetosphere): 9 h 55 min 29.711 s

Mean Surface Temperature: –150 °C

Apparent Diameter: 50.1″ (max.), 30.4″ (min.)

Albedo: 0.43

Brightest Apparent Magnitude: –2.6

Satellites: 66 (known)


Equatorial Zone Galilean Satellite Equatorial Belt Bright Zone Amateur Astronomer 
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