Imminence in Models

  • A. H. Louie
Part of the IFSR International Series on Systems Science and Engineering book series (IFSR, volume 29)


The ‘global’ theory of the imminence mapping \( \mathrm{Im}{{\mathrm{m}}_{{\, C}}}:\textbf{AC} -\hspace{-5 pt}\sqsubset \textbf{AC} \) of the category C may be restricted ‘regionally’ to a model of a natural system N in the category C (alternatively, a system N in the category C). Instead of the whole collection AC of C-morphisms, consider a formal system N that is a network of mappings in AC (e.g. an (M,R)-network), whence the collection κ(N) of all efficient causes in N is a subset of AC, viz., κ(N) ⊂ AC (cf.  Section 7.10 and  7.14). The imminence mapping of the system N in the category C (also the imminence mapping on κ(N)) is the set-valued mapping

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