Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics

  • Neculai Andrei
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Heat transfer and fluid dynamics represent important applications that can be very easily represented and solved as optimization problems using the GAMS technology. These applications are two-dimensional and are described by partial differential equations that, by standard discretizations lead to large and sparse matrices. Hence, the corresponding optimization problems are large-scale. The first application from this chapter is the optimal solution of the heat transfer problem in rectangular domains with heterogeneous conductivity. For this application both the stationary and the time-dependent temperature field in rectangular domains are considered. The second application is the optimal solution of fluid flow problems in a rectangular area. Two problems are considered. The first one is the stationary flow of an incompressible fluid in a rectangular area, and area; the second one is the stationary flow of an incompressible fluid in a rectangular area in the presence of an obstacle. All these applications are taken from McKinney and Savitsky (2003).


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