Penile Sensory Loss

  • John P. Mulhall
  • Peter J. Stahl
  • Doron S. Stember


(A) While written about infrequently, it is not uncommon for an andrologist to have a patient complaining of loss of penile sensation. This perplexing symptom may be organically based (penile sensory neuropathy) or psychogenic ­(perceptual). Any cause of neuropathy can cause penile sensation loss, but most common is diabetes mellitus. Of note, it is not uncommon for patients after radical prostatectomy to believe that the nerve injury associated with that ­operation leads to penile sensation loss. Of course, the nerves injured at the time of this procedure are autonomic in nature and thus are not implicated in penile sensory loss. Reduced penile sensation may be a secondary psychological sexual dysfunction. In men, particularly young men with sexual problems, the typically encountered penocentricity (that is, obsessive focus on the penis) associated with the latter can lead to the complaint of penile sensation loss.


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