Weighting the Personnel Survey: One Solution

  • Richard Valliant
  • Jill A. Dever
  • Frauke Kreuter
Part of the Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences book series (SSBS, volume 51)


The project assigned in Chap. 12 was to compute a set of weights for a survey of members of the military reserves. A stratified simple random sample of personnel was selected and queried about satisfaction with their jobs. The project provides an opportunity to put into practice the techniques covered in Chaps. 13–15. Completing the project requires calculation of base weights, an adjustment to account for cases whose eligibility status is unknown, an adjustment for nonresponse, and calibration to some finite population totals. There are several practical problems to be solved, including selecting a particular method of nonresponse adjustment, deciding how to use the population counts that are available, and determining how to handle missing values in both the sample cases and the population counts.


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