Enzymatic Process for Biodiesel and High Value-Added Products



An enzymatic biodiesel process can not only overcome the challenges faced by conventional chemical processes but also pave the way for versatile ­products to be coproduced from the same feedstock source. However, this is only possible and cost-effective through the right enzymatic process. This paper introduces a patented process that can meet these criteria, the ET Process®. Unlike before, biodiesel can now be produced in a very environmentally friendly manner. However, in order to maintain competitive commodity pricing without subsidies, oil feedstock cost should be lowered, i.e., allowing the direct use of oil with high free fatty acid content, and the process should be integrated so that different high value-added co-­products can be produced. To be sustainable and profitable, optimal utilization of feedstock source should be taken into account. New processing configurations are illustrated using crude palm oil and coconut oil as examples.


Biodiesel Free fatty acids Feedstock Enzymes 


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