Performance Analysis of ETX and ETT Routing Metrics Over AODV Routing Protocol in WMNs

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Implementation and performance analysis of Expected Transmission Count (ETX) and Expected Transmission Time (ETT) as the routing metric over Ad-Hoc on Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol are described. Simulation results using NS-2 simulator demonstrate the improved performance of ETX and ETT metric compared to that of Hop-Count metric in static node topology. Minimizing the Hop-Count maximizes the physical length of each link in a path, which is likely to minimize signal strength and maximize the loss ratio. One contribution of this paper is to quantify these effects. The performance is evaluated in terms of throughput, packet loss rate, and end to end delay for the above three metrics. For long paths the throughput improvement is doubled for ETX and ETT metric when compared to Hop-Count metrics, suggesting that ETX and ETT metrics will become more useful as network grows larger and paths become longer.


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