Special Considerations and Ways Forward

  • Thomas Andersson
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Drawing on the preparations and outcomes of a few conferences and workshops, this final chapter reviews selected deliberations and discussions aimed at advancing a common response across the region to issues and concerns in science, research, innovation, higher education, and entrepreneurship. It underlines the importance of mindset change and presents reflections on ways in which regional and international collaboration could contribute more effectively to constructive reform processes.


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Participants at the Muscat INCONET-GCC conference in December 2010 contributed to the background material that was subsequently processed to form this chapter, in particular Umaima Al Mahdhori and Talal Al Balushi. This chapter further draws on the workshop on Entrepreneurship and Higher Education, also held in Muscat and organised by the Ministry of Higher Education. This was primarily organised by Abdullah Al Sarmi and Robert Craig of the ministry and in collaboration with TRC, including Miad Al-Balushi and Zaki Muscati whose substantive report was extensively drawn upon. The material has been processed and updated by Thomas Andersson.

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