ICT Convergence and Europe’s Digital Agenda 2010–2020

  • Sylviane Toporkoff
Part of the Innovation, Technology, and Knowledge Management book series (ITKM)


The role and contribution of ICT is changing rapidly. Reviewing new trends such as convergence, cloud computing and open source, this chapter stresses the potential for much enhanced gains ahead, but also underlines the critical role played by non-technological factors. Despite their tremendous progress with regard to ICT, the absence of effective cross-border collaboration among the GCC member states, and also across the Middle East, in this area as well as more generally in regard to science, technology and innovation, represents a serious drawback for the region. Fulfilling the potential ahead will require the active involvement of local, national and regional actors from all parts of society in the development of a viable digital cooperation strategy.


Cloud Computing Digital Economy Online Dispute Resolution Digital Agendum Digital Single Market 
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