Innovation in the Public Sector: Experiences in E-Procurement and University Research

  • Andrea Prat
  • Erina Ytsma
Part of the Innovation, Technology, and Knowledge Management book series (ITKM)


Organisations must increasingly transform themselves to take advantage of technological change. Today, ICT allows public bodies to make new use of procurement mechanisms that achieve economies of scale and greater flexibility. Meanwhile, international comparisons of scientific output measures can help to shed light on the variation in productivity of different national research funding systems. Finally, examining bibliometric data to calculate collaboration between authors affiliated with different countries, this chapter compares and draws conclusions on research intensity and collaboration strength for different countries and regions, research fields and over time. The authors conclude with detailed observations on the actual evolution of S&T collaboration, both within the GCC and with other parts of the world.


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The authors would like to thank participants of the conference on “Best Practice in S&T Policies EU-MENA Countries”, Muscat, December 2010, as well as participants of the INCONET-GCC meeting in Venice, November 2011, for their useful comments.

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