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On a closing note, the purpose here is to shed some light on two striking perspectives, e.g., (1) the acquisition and utilization of insights, regarding whether the control designers are risk averse or risk prone and thus restrictions on the utility functions implied by these attitudes, to adapt feedback control strategies to meet austere environments and (2) best courses of action to ensure performance robustness and reliability, provided that the control designers be subscribed to certain attitudes that all the chapters in this monograph share and contribute defining. In addition, this research initiative will serve as the first brick in the larger, interwoven wall of the development and practice of policies, standards, and procedures that would enable greater efficiency worthiness designed into future controlled systems as further improvements in reliability occur and hence underline autonomous system acceptance into system analysis and control synthesis communities.


Adaptive Feedback Control Scheme Closed-loop System Performance Performance Uncertainty Cost Characteristic Function Performance Riskiness 
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