Infrapopliteal Occlusive Disease



The superficial femoral artery becomes popliteal artery, as it enters the adductor hiatus. It lies deep to the vein (for this reason, there is a risk of arterio-venous fistula formation complicating a popliteal puncture). The artery divides into the anterior tibial (AT) artery and tibio-peroneal trunk (TPT). The TPT divides into the posterior tibial (PT) artery and peroneal artery. The AT becomes the dorsalis pedis at the foot which anastomoses with the plantar arch and then gives off branches contributing to the supply of the toes. The PT artery after giving off the circumflex fibula artery descends the leg medially and passes behind the medial maleolus. It divides into the medial and lateral plantar arteries. The peroneal artery descends in the posterior compartment giving off muscular branches It terminates at the ankle and anastomoses with the distal anterior tibial artery.


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