Case Study 2: DSIP Architecture Instances for FIR Filtering

  • Robert Fasthuber
  • Francky Catthoor
  • Praveen Raghavan
  • Frederik Naessens


This chapter demonstrates the high energy efficiency of the proposed Domain Specific Instruction set Processor (DSIP), architecture concept on a challenging very high throughput Finite Impulse Response (FIR), filter for 60 GHz applications. Thereby HardSIMD and SoftSIMD datapath implementations are proposed. Section 5.1 motivates this case study and summarizes related work on digital 60 GHz baseband implementations. The targeted matched filter and the flexibility requirements of this functional block are explained in Sect. 5.2. In Sect. 5.3, the applied algorithm optimizations and the characteristics of the considered algorithm are shown. The proposed HardSIMD and SoftSIMD DSIP architecture instances are presented in Sect. 5.4. Software mapping and hardware implementation results are given in Sect. 5.5. Section 5.6 compares the results to Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) references and to other programmable implementations. Finally, Sect. 5.7 concludes this chapter. This chapter also includes an appendix which shows preliminary experimental results that were obtained by applying the proposed back-end semi-custom design approach (see appendix of Chap. 3).


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