Microdialysis in Internal Organs and Tumors

  • Robert Sauermann
  • Markus Zeitlinger
Part of the AAPS Advances in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Series book series (AAPS, volume 4)


Microdialysis in internal organs and tumors is recognized as a valuable tool in drug development because it provides the concentrations of unbound compounds in interstitial tissue fluid over time. Microdialysis has been used in internal organs and tumors to measure local pharmacokinetic profiles of various drugs, but also to study metabolites and organ-specific pathophysiological pathways. Measuring pharmacokinetics and quantifying pharmacodynamic effects at the target site instead of plasma helps proving or dismissing therapeutic concepts during early stages of drug development. Finally, microdialysis has been evaluated as a tool for direct local delivery of drugs to organs and tumors. Because insertion of microdialysis probes into internal organs is relatively invasive, in humans essentially the need for clinically required operations offers the possibility of performing microdialysis studies in internal organs. This chapter provides an overview of relevant microdialysis applications in various internal organs and tumors of humans and animals, discussing their benefits and limitations.


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