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  • Matthew Lind Roesle
  • Francis A. Kulacki
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The literature on boiling emulsions and related topics are reviewed. The literature is sparse and experimental studies of pool boiling heat transfer for emulsions date as far back as the 1970s, while dilute emulsions have mostly been studied by only one research group starting in the 1980s. Experiments with a number of different fluid combinations consistently show an increase in heat transfer caused by nucleate boiling-like behavior over a wide range of surface temperatures without a transition to film boiling. Experiments generally report heat transfer data only given that simultaneous observation of the boiling process is usually not possible. This review includes a semi-empirical model of boiling, meta-stable superheated liquid, and the Eulerian model of multiphase flow.


Meta-stable liquid Spontaneous nucleation Superheat limit Multiphase flow Eulerian multiphase model Emulsion Boiling heat transfer Chain boiling 


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