Image-Guided Bronchoscopy

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Image-guided bronchoscopy is a method for the guidance of a bronchoscope to peripheral lesions. The technology is based on either virtual image synchronization or electromagnetic navigation. To confirm location, additional methods are still in use in conjunction to image guidance; these include fluoroscopy and/or radial ultrasound. Using image guidance, data suggest greater yield and fewer complications when compared to standard transbronchial biopsy methods using only fluoroscopy. Importantly, with the advent of new endoscopic therapeutic nonsurgical modalities, accurate navigation to reach peripheral lesion becomes critical. Image guidance and target identification plays an important role in thoracoscopic resection of peripheral nodules, placement of markers for radiosurgery, and placement of catheters for brachytherapy. Taken together, image-guided bronchoscopy plays an important diagnostic and therapeutic potential role.


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