ECTO-NOX Proteins

pp 419-434


Cancer Diagnostic Applications of ENOX2 Proteins

  • D. James MorréAffiliated withMor-NuCo, LLC, Purdue Research Park
  • , Dorothy M. MorréAffiliated withMor-NuCo, LLC, Purdue Research Park

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That the cancer cell surface-located ENOX2 proteins are produced only by cancer cells and shed into the blood offer an opportunity for cancer detection based on serum analyses including early stages when the cancer is localized and potentially curable. Transcription variants of ENOX2 are well suited as absolute cancer-specific molecular targets for early diagnosis of cancer and recurrent disease. Each major form of human cancer presents with at least one, at most two, characteristic transcript variants of molecular weight and isoelectric point that are specific for the organ of cancer origin. Variants are revealed by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis with detection using a recombinant single chain variable region (scFv antibody specific for ENOX2 transcript variants. As the transcript variants are molecular signature molecules produced only by cancer cells, absent from noncancer cells, and not produced by benign or inflammatory conditions, false positive, in principle, are eliminated. The strategy of early detection combined with early intervention opportunities described in Chap.​ 11 raises the possibility of a significant paradigm shift in cancer management toward early diagnosis and treatment options vastly different from those currently employed to deal primarily with advanced cancer.