Research of Modern Physical Education Technology Based on Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is the computer information technology in the forefront of technology, its promotion and application in modern education, especially for physical education technologies used to produce a deep and substantial impact. In this paper, artificial intelligence perspective and perspectives of physical education with modern technology, the relationship between the development and application prospects and focused on analyzing the problems of which, that of modern physical education techniques for basic research in artificial intelligence, the lack of rational thinking and strategic focus, manual functions for the physical education virtual reality scenario development and application of educational deficiencies, physical education application-oriented research and development in artificial intelligence, expert systems have not yet made substantial breakthroughs in the application and teaching of physical education teachers to understand and master the ability of artificial intelligence relative lack of other issues, this paper these issues in depth of research and analysis based on the combination of relevant theory and research findings of modern artificial intelligence-based physical education and technology development strategy proposed countermeasures.


Artificial intelligence Physical education Technology Multi-media Research 


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