To Lay More Emphasis on the Computerized Technology in College English Training in the Light of Vocational Ability

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Vocational ability training is mainly for future employment, enabling students to gain applicable ability. This is important for college students. English ability training is to let students to grasp listening, speaking, reading and writing in each specialty. But at present most English teachers are from language background not having the knowledge of business specialty such as management, economy, accounting, finance or international trade. This article makes an analysis and puts forth some suggestions on ESP (English for Special Purposes) teaching in the areas of students, teaching methodology, teaching materials and textbooks. This paper also gives some suggestions on improvements for teachers to study linguistic theory, to implement teaching according to students level, to update teaching ideology and to master one of the business majors such as finance, accounting, economy, management or international trade.


College education Special English teaching Improvement and suggestions 


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  1. 1.Department of Foreign LanguageShanghai Lixin University of CommerceShanghaiPeople Republic of China

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