Combination and Application of Multimedia Materials in the Teaching of Psychology

  • Yan Teng
  • Haiying Yu
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 163)


With the development of computer technology, the making of courseware presents more and more multimedia features. The multi-media material is the product integrating computer techniques, multimedia technologies and modern teaching methods, and is an interactive education system with the ability of comprehensive treating and transmitting multimedia information. It has advantages such as large amount of information, fast speed, wide scope and two-way interaction. The application of multimedia materials provides an ideal teaching approach for the teaching process, and realizes the share of excellent education resources and methods without time or space constraints. The paper describes the current situation and advantages and disadvantages of the application of multimedia materials in the teaching of psychology in China, and explains the method and matters needing attention of the combination and application of multimedia materials through a case. The paper can offer reference for other teaching workers in colleges and universities.


Materials Multimedia Combination Application 



This work is supported form A Project Supported by Scientific Research Fund of Mudanjiang Normal University [11-XJ12073] provided by Yan Teng.


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  1. 1.Education DepartmentMudanjiang Normal UniversityMudanjiangChina

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