Whose Ideal Result and Whose Resources?

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We need to take a little side journey at this point to discuss in more detail something we alluded to earlier in our discussions about the Ideal Result. In that discussion we raised the issue that might arise in a medical care situation, that all the stakeholders may not have the same view of the Ideal Result. It is very rare that in the real world everyone will agree on the Ideal Result’s definition. Bosses and subordinates will not. Parents and teenagers will not. Functional representatives on a team (manufacturing, research, marketing, etc.) will not. Corn growers and corn consumers will not. Oil producers and oil consumers will not. Using TRIZ requires that we have a definition of the Ideal Result. In a case where there may be differing views of this, it may be worthwhile to use the tools directed at the various end results and see where we end up and see what commonality there might be. Unless we are talking about a situation where someone’s view of an Ideal Result violates some law of physics, this discussion is significant and important to have as the discussion itself will generate new concepts of approach.


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