Process Mapping with R

  • Emilio L. Cano
  • Javier M. Moguerza
  • Andrés Redchuk
Part of the Use R! book series (USE R, volume 36)


Process mapping is a tool to retrieve information about a process. This information will be used in the phases of the Six Sigma project to be discussed later, and many of the measurements, analyses, and conclusions will be based on this information. The result of process mapping is a map of a process. This map stems from the Project Charter and should be modified during the development of the project. Process mapping begins with a top-level map, identifying the inputs and outputs of the process. Then the process is broken down into simpler steps, where parameters and features are identified and classified. This classification will guide the posterior analysis of the relationship between the parameters and the critical to quality features. In this chapter, we describe a method to build process maps and show how to draw and represent them using R.


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  • Emilio L. Cano
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  • Javier M. Moguerza
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  • Andrés Redchuk
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  1. 1.Department of Statistics and Operations ResearchRey Juan Carlos UniversityMadridSpain

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