A Summary of IAEA Coordinated Research Project on Cementitious Materials for Radioactive Waste Management



The IAEA Coordinated Research Project (CRP) on cementitious materials for radioactive waste management involved many research organizations aiming to investigate the behaviour and performance of cementitious materials used in radioactive waste management system with various purposes and included waste packages, wasteforms and backfills as well as investigation of interactions and interdependencies of these individual elements during long-term storage and disposal. The IAEA CRP has facilitated the exchange of information and research co-operation in resolving similar problems between different institutions and contributed towards improving waste management practices, their efficiency and general enhancement of safety.


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Contributions of all CRP participants are acknowledged including leading investigators P.J. McGlinn, D. Perera, J. Govaerts, W. Bastiaens, R. Vicente, Li Junfeng, A. Vokal, A.M. El-Kamash, C. Cau-dit-Coumes, R.G. Yeotikar, D.S. Deshingkar, Joo-Wan Park, J.-H. Yoon, F. Dragolici, A.P. Varlakov, L.P. Sukhanov, I. Plećaš, D. Kicevic, M. Breza, P. Lichvar, A. Šajna, N. Zeleznic, W.C.M.H. Meyer, A. Waellisch, B. Torstenfelt, P. Mårtensson, L. Almkvist, F.P. Glasser, B.P. Zlobenko and C. Langton.


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