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Internet gambling will continue to evolve in response to consumer demand, market developments, political and regulatory changes and technological advances. Participation and revenue appear to be increasing as more individuals and groups use this mode of gambling. It is likely that more jurisdictions will liberalise Internet gambling in recognition of the difficulties with prohibition, the importance of providing a safe playing environment and economic benefits. Reputation, branding, marketing, security and customer interaction will continue to be vital for online gambling sites to be competitive in addition to novel and exciting product. In particular, social media will play an increasing role in Internet gambling. The relationship with sports and sports betting will continue, and Internet gambling operators will increasingly target a wider range of target audiences. Mobile gambling will increase and play an important role. Regulators will have to pay attention to this form of gambling and implement policies to protect individuals, including responsible gambling and prevention strategies and treatment options. This chapter outlines the future trends predicted for online gambling, including the impacts on related industries including land-based gambling and social media.


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