Ejaculatory Dysfunction and Vasodynamics

  • Aleksey P. IgnatovEmail author
  • Paul J. Turek


Ejaculation begins approximately 12 months after the onset of puberty in the male. While its importance to reproductive fitness is clear, current knowledge of the physiology of ejaculation is limited. This chapter reviews the events of ejaculation, its anatomic and neuroanatomic underpinnings, the range of ejaculatory disorders, and clinical methods for evaluating and treating ejaculatory disorders. Our current understanding of reproductive tract physiology and function as well as ejaculatory duct obstruction is also reviewed.


Male infertility Ejaculatory duct obstruction Spinal cord injury Vasodynamics Ejaculatory dysfunction Ejaculatory disorders Müllerian duct cyst 



The authors would like to acknowledge the contributions of Melody Lowman MA of San Francisco, California, to this chapter. As a psychotherapist with 45 years of experience, her knowledge and experience in reproductive psychology has been invaluable to us.


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