Markov Model for R2V Communications

  • Syed Faraz HasanEmail author
  • Nazmul Siddique
  • Shyam Chakraborty


Mathematical models are used in various fields of science and engineering to represent a system in terms of mathematical equations. A system expressed in terms of mathematics allows detailed analytical evaluation of the same. In the context of this book, the main interest is in representing vehicular communications using mathematical models so that some means of analyzing disruption are developed. It has been discussed in Sects. 1.3 and 2.1 that disruption has been a major problem with WLAN-based vehicular communications due to the unplanned placement of 802.11 APs. While some efforts have been made that focus on tolerating disruption, this chapter (and the next one) models R2V communication setup and introduces a mathematical interpretation of disruption. The main motivation behind mathematically modeling disruption is that its quantitative analysis is imperative to assess the extent of tolerance required in a particular area.

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