Vehicular Communication: Issues and Standards

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Due to the recent advances in the wireless technology and widespread use of 802.11 networks, WLAN-based vehicular communication has attracted significant research attention. 802.11-based vehicular communication is a challenging research area with several associated issues. This book is concerned with two of these issues, namely disruption and handover delay. Recall vehicular communication is classified as V2V and R2V communications. In V2V communications, since vehicles do not communicate with the roadside APs, unplanned deployment of APs is an irrelevant issue. Similarly, since vehicles in V2V scenario do not connect to the APs at all, the delay in handing over to APs does not concern the vehicles in a V2V network. Hence, disruption and handover issues are important considerations for R2V communications only and have little relevance to V2V communications. Therefore, for the rest of this book, the primary focus stays on 802.11-based R2V communications only.


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