A Scientific Approach to Politics

  • Davide Cadeddu
Part of the The European Heritage in Economics and the Social Sciences book series (EHES, volume 15)


If the question of the alienation of the individual at work is at the origin of the political thought of Adriano Olivetti, then the methodology that is followed in the elaboration of his L’ordine politico delle Comunità provides the response that he offers up to the political crisis of the contemporary world, before even ‘suggesting’ different concrete proposals. This methodology, which would go on to form the basis of his theoretical and practical engagement, is referred to by many commentators, but is not illustrated by any, perhaps because its significance is taken for granted or is deemed of secondary importance: it is a method that has been perceptively defined as the ‘coordinated totality’, which aims to explain the way in which political problems are confronted and solutions are presented.


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