Cases on SMEs Digital Innovations

  • Katia Passerini
  • Ayman El Tarabishy
  • Karen Patten


To help explain some of the concepts addressed throughout the book, in this chapter, we present four case studies. Each case concerns a small entrepreneurial company that has innovatively used information technology (IT) to achieve success. These cases were all developed as one part of a collaborative research project between the International Council of Small Business (ICSB) and Dell, Inc. While the four companies are quite different, representing a variety of industries, they have important commonalities in the way they used IT for innovation.

The countries and companies represented by these cases include:
  • United States—Transport Designs

  • Italy—Tecnomodel

  • Canada—Fifth P Solutions

  • United Kingdom—Wiggly Wigglers.

Each of the companies was a national winner of the 2008 “Dell Small Business Excellence Award.” Wiggly Wigglers was the overall world winner.


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