Wind Turbine Experimental Dynamic Substructure Development

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Structural dynamic development of modern wind turbines is important for control and to maximize the fatigue life of the wind turbine components. Modeling can be used in development to aid designs. In some cases an experimental dynamic model, or substructure, may be cheaper to develop and more accurate than an analytical model. Some applications for which dynamic substructures could be useful for wind turbine development are presented. Recent advances have provided renewed interest in the topic of experimental dynamic substructures. A focus group has been formed in the Society for Experimental Mechanics to advance the experimental dynamic substructures technology and theory. Sandia National Laboratories has developed two identical test beds to enable the focus group to advance the work. The system chosen was an Ampair 600 wind turbine with a fabricated tower and base. Some modifications were made to the system to make it more linear for initial studies. The test bed will be available for viewing in the technology booth of the IMAC exposition. A description of the turbine and modifications will be presented. Initial measurements on the full system will be described. Organizations already performing experiments on the test bed are the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment, University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Technical University-Delft and University of Wisconsin.


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