A Topographic Survey of Mars

  • Peter Grego
Part of the Astronomers' Observing Guides book series (OBSERVING)


The following survey of the entire surface of Mars is divided into four regions of equal area which cover both northern and southern hemispheres in 90° wide longitudinal sections, progressing west from the Martian prime meridian. These regions are the Acidalia-Marineris-Argyre Region (0–90°), the Arcadia-Tharsis-Sirenum Region (90–180°W), the Utopia-Elysium-Cimmeria Region (180–270°W) and the Vastitas-Sabaea-Hellas Region (270–360°W). The polar areas are discussed in more detail above. The survey is largely topographically descriptive, but additional information has been included in terms of setting some features against a geological perspective.


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