Five-Axis Curve Machining for Computer Control Machine Tools

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Five-axis machining has been widely used in aerospace, automobile and mold/die industries. It has many advantages compared to conventional three-axis machining, including higher metal removal rates, better surface finish, and more precise part surface in one setup. This research presents a new method for curve machining on five-axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine tools. It uses the CNC interpolator approach, or called curve interpolator, which can produce accurate tool position as well as tool orientation. The interpolator calculates a new command in real time, the same time period needed for sampling the control-loop feedback devices. It performs trajectory planning and inverse kinematics transformation in each sampling period. To implement this curve interpolator, a 3-D parametric curve g-code must be defined for five-axis CNC machining. The comparisons for this real-time method and the conventional off-line method in terms of trajectory accuracy and feedrate variation are demonstrated in the end of this chapter.


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The authors would like to acknowledge the financial support of the National Science Council, Taiwan, R. O. C. under the grant: NSC 98–2221-E-194 -045 -MY2.


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