Ulugh Beg

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Mīrzā Muhammad Tāriq ibn Shāhrukh (Ulugh Beg) was born in Soltaniyeh, Persia.The translation of his common name, Ulugh Beg, is the “Great Prince,” a nickname he received as a child. He was the grandson of the Mongol conqueror Tamerlane and the only son of Shah Rukh. He spent his childhood days with his grandfather and father as they traveled through the lands of the Middle East and India conquering the indigenous people. At the age of 16 Ulugh Beg received an entire province of Mawaraunnahr to govern from his father. The province included the great city of Samarkand. But he was not as interested in ruling as his father and grandfather. Instead, in Samarkand he founded and built a great madrasa (university) where the greatest Islamic mathematicians and astronomers of his time came to study.


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