Realising the Technological Future and the Roadmap to the Stars

  • K. F. Long


We consider how international co-operation in the pursuit of space has come about leading to innovations like the International Space Station. The case for an international conference dedicated to interstellar flight is made along with the requirement for a dedicated research institute. A precursor space mission roadmap is presented for how we can eventually reach the nearest stars. Project Icarus, the latest engineering star ship design study that may lay the foundations to the first robotic interstellar probe in the coming centuries is introduced. Finally we consider how best to promote academic and technological progress towards interstellar flight, by the use of internationally competitive design studies.


Design Team Solar Sail Specific Impulse Design Philosophy Kuiper Belt 
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  • K. F. Long
    • 1
  1. 1.Icarus Interstellar Fellow British Interplanetary SocietyBerkshireUK

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