The Primo Vascular System: Facts, Open Questions, and Future Perspectives

  • David K. Harrison
  • Peter Vaupel
Conference paper


Based on research surrounding the independent fluid-conducting system known as the primo vascular system, we have identified the main areas necessary for future research and some of the key development opportunities. Mapping, imaging, and monitoring: As the primo vascular system forms a network that extends throughout the body, it is necessary to develop a comprehensive physical model and techniques for quantitatively measuring the functional characteristics thereof. Brain, spine, and nervous system: The primo vascular system extends throughout the brain, spine, and nervous system and due to its role in regeneration is hypothesized to play a key role in the development of brain, spine, and nervous system conditions. Cancer: The primo vascular system has been identified to form new structures on the surface of tumors and to enter the inside of tumors. It is necessary to determine how the primo vascular system influences tumor formation, growth, and spread. Aging and regeneration: The primo vascular system carries hormones and immune cells and appears to play a key role in natural body regeneration. This will lead to developments in tissue engineering and biomaterials, stems cells and cellular therapy, and endocrine and immune system diagnostics and treatment. Due to the early nature of this research it is difficult to consider all of the potential implications but our preliminary study suggests that the primo vascular system will likely have a significant impact in the future of medicine and industry.


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