Observation of the Primo Vascular System on the Fascia of Dogs

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Trypan blue is known to be preferentially effective for a primo vascular system (PVS) compared to blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, or adipose tissues. We observed the PVS of the dog in various membrane structures, such as the mesentery, peritoneum, and omentum, by using the Trypan blue technique. The freely movable PVS did not adhere to the surfaces or wrap membranes of internal organs. The features of the PVS, such as the distribution of rod-shaped nuclei and the bundle structure, were observed, as expected from previous reports on rabbits, rats, and mice.


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This work was supported by the Association of Korean Oriental Medicine.


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  1. 1.Department of the Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, School of Veterinary MedicineNortheast Agricultural UniversityHarbinChina

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