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Part of the Astronomer's Pocket Field Guide book series (ASTROPOC)


Now that you have completed all the tours, you could presume that you have seen it all. But the opposite is true. I advice you to repeat all the tours over and over again. It will feel like revisiting old friends. Many targets will reveal new details. They will look brighter and more familiar to you. Some of then will become your favourite objects to show to others. Perhaps you will spend your vacation on a distant location with a darker sky. It could offer you a better opportunity to go stargazing.

This book has only treated a few of the brighter highlights in the sky. There are so many more deep-sky objects to observe. If you want to take it ­further, look at the suggested books and websites below. And why not meet fellow stargazers for a group star party gathering? Observing in group is so much more enjoyable.


Suggested Websites

  1. With the ever growing popularity of the Internet, amateur astronomers can easily share their experiences in cyberspace. Follow a few of these links to interesting websites and discussion boards.Google Scholar

Suggested Reading

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Suggested Software

  1. Cartes du Ciel / Skychart, by Patrick Chevalley, freewareGoogle Scholar
  2. Where is M13, by Bill Tschumy, freewareGoogle Scholar

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