Fading and Shadowing in Wireless Systems

pp 417-453


Interference in Wireless Channels

  • P. Mohana ShankarAffiliated withElectrical and Computer Engineering, Drexel University Email author 

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The analysis and discussion so far in Chaps. 4 and 5 examined the effects of fading and shadowing in wireless systems while ignoring the possibility that the signal under consideration might be impacted by other signals, typically from other channels operating at the same frequency band. The contribution from other channels is often referred to as the cochannel interference or CCI. In simple terms, if the contribution from CCI exceeds a certain value, the ability to detect the signal of interest is adversely impacted leading to outage as well as further degradation in error rate performance (MacDonald 1979; Aalo and Zhang 1999; Muammar and Gupta 1982; Winters 1984; Cardieri and Rappaport 2001; Yang and Alouini 2003).